For Community Members

Here is what we are working on with community partners. Please reach out if any of this interests you. We are always willing to try and be useful to the broader community! We also value learning from others about how we can do better in science and higher education.

Community Conversations

We have had (and will have) a number of community conversations about language and communication in autism. Examples include talking to community workers, faculty & staff of the campus community, and to K-12 parents, administrators, and teachers, about questions that are the most relevant to them. From inclusive teaching over the course of an hour to different ways people communicate in 10-minute sessions, we are happy to chat.

Family Support Network Workshops

We attend family support network gatherings, both virtually and in-person, and share information that families want to know. Examples include talking about the current state of autism research as it relates to accessing services and supports, fair and equitable assessment, and free and appropriate public education.

Research Projects

We work on community-led research projects. This can take the form of consulting or partnership. Examples include consulting community organizations on research design, relevant content area experts, and helping them find/apply for funding to ensure sustainability. We are also conducting a project as a research partner to analyze systems-level data, as benchmarked to policy and stakeholder experiences.